Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson worked as a software developer/integrator for 33 years at Marshall Space flight Center, Huntsville Alabama before retiring in September, 2014. While there, he distinguished himself as a cutting edge, forward-thinking solution’s provider in three key areas.

He led the team for developing early adoption of web application technology in Identification Badging and employee management with innovations in MS SQL Server development and in-row BLOB field storing of digital data, database replication and clustering. He always pushed the technological envelop to produce the best solution for the problem
at hand.

This was further evidenced when NASA instituted an agency-wide initiative to install keyless entry on all of its facilities using Lenel Onguard™ Facilities Management System. Jim developed a suite of windows services utilizing the WMI namespace to develop an active data transfer of personnel, badge, and access levels to communicate with Lenel’s Data Conduit. This facilitated the automatic management of NASA employee profiles in Lenel which resulted in savings of millions of dollars and which is still in use today.

As a result, Jim has always maintained a deep interest in Access Control particularly in the areas of data management and interoperability. In March 2018, the Missile Defense Agency contracted Jim and his long-time associate Gary MacDougall to develop an active data transfer and migration from GE Diamond II facility Management system to Lenel Onguard™. This solution has proved invaluable to the agency by facilitating a gradual yet smooth migration of cardholders, badges, and access levels. Existing profiles can be managed in Diamond II while been seamlessly provisioned into Lenel after which time, the old system can be removed. Click here to see how this was done via a solution that can be easily implemented where the number of cardholders to be migrated is too large to be accomplished by hand.

While Jim has always maintained his Microsoft Developer roots and regularly provides smart-client solutions with MS SQL Server/T-SQL, in 2010 he joined the ranks of open-source developers. At MSFC, he became the system administrator and primary support for the Jive Social Networking application project, bringing it to full maturity and adoption until he left. He has maintained skillsets encompassing node.js, MongoDB, and Ionic disciplines which he prescribes as needed. His company is a Jenzabar™ VAR providing add-on capabilities such as Automatic Telephone Attendant software via Digium Asterisk with a MS SQL/MySQL data sync, and smart-client technology.

Jim became enamored with Pure IP Cloud based Access Control and it’s capabilities in relation to traditional Panel Based Access. He quickly became a licensed ISONAS Integrator and has championed the technology and its many benefits since. His latest project was the complete automation of the Oakwood University Church Family Life Center (See the case study) and has several similar projects lined up for implementation.

Call now at (256) 656-0350 and let his team do the ‘impossible’ for you.